End of the Year

Special Party Package

Looking for a fun way to celebrate the end of the school year and the Girl Scout year? We offer a party package that’s fun for everyone!  The girls will custom make a soaking smoothie which is a scrub for the shower or bath, a 4oz sparkle splash hydrating body mist and a 2oz hand sanitizer! $25 per participant.  Don’t forget we come to you during your regular meeting day and time to make it super convenient for your troop!

Contact us at info@homepartysolutions.com or 508-695-2285 to book today!

Earn a Girl Scout Badge! $20 per participant

We bring the fun to you! Earn a badge at the convenience of your regular meeting location, day and time! Each badge program has been designed to keep the activity set guidelines in mind. The program consists of the girls making a product related to the badge that they get to take home, followed by classroom discussions and activities revolving around the topic. The badge classes are 60 minutes in length.


Earn a Sunny Petal, friendly and helpful, or Zinnia Petal, considerate and caring! First the girls will create drawings demonstrating what they are personally going to do to earn their badge and share them with the group. Then while demonstrating what they have learned, they will mix and match scents together as well as help create a 4 oz. hydrating sparkle splash body mist to take home.


From the Quest Badge Activity Set
Home Scientist Badge

Each participant will make a 4 oz sparkly body mist and in the process learn how to create different scent combinations by mixing oils together and see how different oils absorb color. They also get to experiment by adding water to different ingredients to see the reactions, and watch how mixing changes the consistency and properties of the final product. They will each get to take home the body mist they created.

From the Wonders of Water Badge Set
Household Elf

Each participant will custom-make our most unique cleaning product, clean freak, a natural product great for cleaning the entire house. This is followed with a 30 minute discussion and brainstorming activity. In this group discussion, we will address how to help save water and energy at home as well as what/how we should be recycling to keep our planet clean.

From the World of Girls Badge Set

What’s a better way to earn a badge than making a mutt mist spray perfect for your dog? (if the participants don’t have a dog, we can donate it to the local animal shelter!)  After we make our product together, we will spend 30 minutes in a classroom discussion completing workbook pages on basic pet care while talking to the girls about keeping a pet healthy, comfy and loved, as well as how to feed and care for a pet.


From the aMuze Activity Set
Product Designer

Home Party Solutions is the perfect way to earn a product designer badge! We will bring all the necessary ingredients to create an entirely new product. The girls will be led step-by-step through the design process. Once the product has been developed, they will each make one to bring home.


From the Media Activity Set

In this workshop, the girls will make a 6 oz product of their choice, and then develop a marketing plan using tools and resources learned in class. We will discuss owning and operating a business and introduce the idea of budgets.

From the aMaze Activity Set
Public Speaking

Each participant will create a 6 oz product of their choice, and then present a 2 minute speech on the features and benefits of the product. They will spend time researching the product and preparing notes, as well as working on body language and voice projection.


From the Sow What Activity Set
Car Care

Perfect way to combine a great smelling car and helpful information on maintenance and safety of a vehicle. After creating their own car cologne, we will spend 30 minutes discussing safe driving practices, emergency procedures, and vehicle safety.

Game Visionary

We will work in teams to further develop basic skills used in daily life and throughout school through team building games. We will develop better ways to think on our feet, work well with others, enhance our public speaking, sharpen our listening skills, and learn how to develop strategic solutions. This is a fun and interactive workshop that will help set a solid foundation for future leaders while engaging the participants. Each participant will make a 6oz product of their choice at the end of the workshop.

Business Etiquette

Getting ready to apply for your first job? This workshop will help you get started. Hands on activities and group discussions will teach the girls effective communication, negotiating skills, and interviewing techniques. They will all get a chance to practice what they learned in a job-like scenario. Each participant will create a 6oz product of their choice.

To book a badge program, contact us at (508) 695-2285 or email info@homepartysolutions.com.

About your instructor:

Kim is a graduate of Bentley College with a degree in marketing. She previously spent 15 years in hotel management. She was instrumental in developing a hotel franchise company from the ground up, growing from 1 hotel to 20 by the time she retired as VP of Sales and Marketing. Kim created and implemented a vast training program for the company centered around associates and customers. In October 2012, she ventured in a new direction opening up a retail store bath junkie and establishing herself as a business owner.  In 2019 she developed a spin off company Home Party Solutions to enable her to bring the fun to you!  She is also finishing her MBA in business where she hopes to teach at a collegiate level in the near future.  She is excited to put her training and marketing talents to use in this exciting and unique program.