End of Year Girl Scout Parties

Girl Scouts Year Coming to an End

We love working with our local Girl Scout troops and are sad when the end of the school year approaches.  It means no more Girl Scout programs over the summer!   During the school year we hold over 60 events, which is a lot!  Since this was the last year that our retail store was open it was extra special.  On the walls of the store we had hundreds of pictures from all our events, especially Girl Scouts.  What was extra special this year is that troops were looking for their pictures on the wall from previous years.  My most memorable story was a troop of Juniors (9th graders) who found their picture on the wall from when they were Brownies in 3rd grade!

Now that we have transitioned to Home Party Solutions we’ve been going to troops locally and conducting our badge programs at their location.  We know that everyone has worked hard all year long and often times leaders are looking for an end of year celebration.  This is why we are offering a special promotion for all troops!  We have created a fun workshop where the girls create 2 products, a scrub and a body mist for just $20 per participant.  We make it super convenient as we bring all the fun to you!  Visit our Girl Scout page for more information https://homepartysolutions.com/girl-scout-events/




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