Girl Scout Badge Program in Woonsocket

We had our first Girl Scout Badge program with Home Party Solutions, so excited!  We traveled to Woonsocket so the girls could earn their Business Etiquette badge!  This is one of my favorite badge programs to teach.  It’s so relevant in preparing teenagers to either interview for a job or start an actual job.  We talk about proper behavior in the workplace, verbal and non-verbal actions, email etiquette and more!  Did you know that your non-verbal behavior actually accounts for 80% of how you’re perceived!  So important to know that before going on an interview!

As a small business owner I actually find it frustrating with today’s youth when they first start a job.   Most teenagers don’t know what is appropriate behavior at the workplace including putting your phone away.  No texting while at work!  I wish more kids had the opportunity to attend this workshop to help them be prepared to be successful with their very first job.   I loved working with this troop again (they had previously been to the store for badge programs before) and I wish all of them the best of luck as they enter the workforce!

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